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Packing tape
    Bopp packingTransparent bopp packing, Buff bopp packing, Brown bopp packing,Clear-green...
Adhesive tape
    Adhesive tapeTransparent adhesive tape, Buff adhesive tape, Brown adhesive tape, Clear-green ...

    Shijiazhuang Jiangrun Industry & Trade Co., Ltd Our main products are bopp packing/ adhesive tape, bopp clear/buff/brown tape, bopp colour tape, bopp printed tape, stationery tape, bopp jumbo roll( long tube), PVC tape and adhesive, bopp film, etc. we can also produce complete specifications according customers demand, we are able to adapt different requirements of different customers.

    Our tape are made from pure butyl acrylate with the capability of high viscosity, toughness, Tensile resistance, frost resistance , Easy to paste and no harm, no other smell. We produce the adhesive by ourselves, and spread the adhesive on the film by ourselves too. We inspect the product line at any times, our production process and equipments are advanced, so our company believe our products are ideal choose of Packaging Enterprise and the user of tape.

    Our tenet is Customers are God, on behalf of his clients to consider, on behalf of his clients to solve problems. Our Service features are speediness and To reach your demand. Our aim is Unite with customer to develop fast together